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    TurboConcepts successfully completes research project FlexDEC-5G for designing FEC decoders for 5G
    October 2nd, 2020

    Improved 5G LDPC and Polar solutions are available from TurboConcept for FPGA and ASIC implementation.
    January 27th, 2020

    LDPC and Polar Cores for 5G now available
    June 26th, 2018

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    Products > Other technologies > tc3400

    High speed / Low complexity Turbo Product Codes decoder

    Product code: TC3400

    We offer several Turbo Product Codes (TPC) decoder Cores offering selectable codes coverage and throughput levels. All Cores support parity and extended Hamming codes. Optional BCH double-error-correcting codes can be selected. These codes give typically better performance for very low BER (below 1E-8) regions and lead to more complex Cores. 3-dimensional codes are also optionally supported, allowing to reach lower code rates (below 2/3). In general TPC solutions are very attractive for reaching the best throughput with lowest complexity encoder/decoder hardware. They offer good BER performance at high code rates (3/4 and above) and medium to large block size (4k to 16k block size). They are in essence less flexible than turbo convolutional codes, but can be shortened to accommodate a larger set of block size and code rate.

    FEC technology: Turbo Product Codes

    • Parity and Extended Hamming codes
    • BCH double-error-correcting codes - optional
    • Support for 3D-codes - optional
    • Shortening (rows, columns and bits) for flexible block size/code rate support

    Core features

    • Throughput profiles (coded bitrate given with 4 iterations):
      • TC3401: up to 120 Mbps
      • TC3404: up to 420 Mbps
    • BCH double-error correction codes - optional - gives better Eb/N0 for BER<1E-8)
    • 3-dimensional code - optional - enables low code rates (below 2/3)
    • Exact block size adaptation by shortening of rows, columns and bits
    • On-the-fly (packet level) code switches
    • Number of iterations: 2 to 16
    • Latency reduction by bank-swap
    • Built-in stopping rule for average throughput increase and reduced power consumption
    • Memory versus Logic usage balancing options
    • Encoder and decoder Cores