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    Products > Other technologies > tc3400

    High speed / Low complexity Turbo Product Codes decoder

    Product code: TC3400

    We offer several Turbo Product Codes (TPC) decoder Cores offering selectable codes coverage and throughput levels. All Cores support parity and extended Hamming codes. Optional BCH double-error-correcting codes can be selected. These codes give typically better performance for very low BER (below 1E-8) regions and lead to more complex Cores. 3-dimensional codes are also optionally supported, allowing to reach lower code rates (below 2/3). In general TPC solutions are very attractive for reaching the best throughput with lowest complexity encoder/decoder hardware. They offer good BER performance at high code rates (3/4 and above) and medium to large block size (4k to 16k block size). They are in essence less flexible than turbo convolutional codes, but can be shortened to accommodate a larger set of block size and code rate.

    FEC technology: Turbo Product Codes

    • Parity and Extended Hamming codes
    • BCH double-error-correcting codes - optional
    • Support for 3D-codes - optional
    • Shortening (rows, columns and bits) for flexible block size/code rate support

    Core features

    • Throughput profiles (coded bitrate given with 4 iterations):
      • TC3401: up to 120 Mbps
      • TC3404: up to 420 Mbps
    • BCH double-error correction codes - optional - gives better Eb/N0 for BER<1E-8)
    • 3-dimensional code - optional - enables low code rates (below 2/3)
    • Exact block size adaptation by shortening of rows, columns and bits
    • On-the-fly (packet level) code switches
    • Number of iterations: 2 to 16
    • Latency reduction by bank-swap
    • Built-in stopping rule for average throughput increase and reduced power consumption
    • Memory versus Logic usage balancing options
    • Encoder and decoder Cores